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Around The Bend Brewing Collaborates With DRIFTER Grooming on Warrior Beard Wash

Posted on March 14 2018

DRIFTER Grooming is thrilled to announce that they have collaborated with the Chicago based brewery, Around The Bend Beer Co, to make their woodsy beard wash bar, Warrior. DRIFTER's Warrior Beard Wash, is designed to help you get ready for your daily battle. Whether you’re a road warrior, urban jungle tamer or battling nature’s elements, this burly bar will make sure your beard is tamed and ready for anything. 

Warrior Beard Wash is made with Around The Bend's American Brown Ale Puffing Billy. This Brown Ale, is named after a legendary Chicago steam locomotive and sports an imaginative steampunk-inspired label. At 6.9% ABV and 35 IBUs, Puffing Billy pours into the glass black with a chocolaty aroma. Bill’s brewed exclusively with 100% Northdown hops and an incredible blend of caramel, chocolate, Munich, oat, and pale malts. Puffing Billy also showcases a fantastic malt character and balanced, spicy, hoppy bitter. The special secret of this beer is the cacao nibs, which add a layer of flavors with a natural sweetness for a truly badass brown ale.

Now go and enjoy a Puffing Billy and grab a Warrior Beard Wash so your beard can enjoy it too!

For more information on Around The Bend Beer Co, and where you can grab a Puffing Billy check out their social.
Twitter: @atbbeerco
Instagram: @atbbeerco


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