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In light of the COVID-19 / Coronavirus, Drifter Grooming would like to remind everyone to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water. Drifter Grooming however does not guarantee to prevent the spread of the virus or from you getting infected. Our thoughts go out to those that have contracted the virus and best wishes for a swift recovery. Also due to supply and raw material issues, some pricing may fluctuate because of demand/shortages. 

DRIFTER Grooming Featured in Touch Of Modern

Posted on February 01 2018

Touch of Modern is one of those sites that the truly savvy flock to. They have weekly deals featuring all of the latest, greatest, and coolest up-and-coming companies and products on the market today. Basically if you want to stay ahead of the masses and also score a killer deal sign up today and thank me later. So, it was really no surprise that DRIFTER Grooming was featured in the late January 2018 sales on Touch of Modern. This fledging of a company has only been open for 3 months and their products are so badass that they are already featured in The Manual and Touch of Modern….I had to catch up with the owner and find out more about it.

When asked about the Touch of Modern opportunity, DRIFTER Grooming’s founder and (self-dubbed) Chief Troublemaker, Christopher Tepas said he was pleasantly surprised, “We had only been open about 6 weeks when we started talking to Touch of Modern,” stated Tepas. “It was an awesome opportunity for us, and something we just had to jump at."

DRIFTER has an unique approach of creating all of their grooming products in solid bar format, which makes them simple to travel with, and just plain cool. They use craft beer, craft spirits, hops, and all kinds of other awesome ingredients in their products, and BONUS, they are all hand-made in small batches, just like some of our favorite brews. 

The current line-up is very men-centric meaning they have a lot of earthy, masculine scents and concepts. However, a little birdie told me they are developing the next line-up of products that will be a bit more female friendly…can’t wait to test out some of those goodies when they're ready! Stay tuned for the next best thing to hit your showers from DRIFTER.


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