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Few Spirits Expands Marketing Efforts Through Collaboration With Drifter Grooming

Posted on March 06 2018

Pictured: Paul Hletko, founder of Few Spirits (left) Christopher Tepas, founder of Drifter Grooming (right)
Photo By Sean Henderson

CHICAGO, March 6, 2018 - Drifter Grooming announced they’ve entered into a collaboration partnership with Few Spirits. Drifter Grooming, a new start-up organization also based in Chicago, manufacturers products for the men’s grooming industry. Drifter’s angle however, is slightly different from your run-of-the-mill beauty products. Inspired by the craft beer and distillery industries, Drifter produces small-batch, handmade men’s grooming products from all-natural ingredients. Specifically, their El Dorado Whiskey Soap utilizes Few's barrel-aged Bourbon Whiskey as a key ingredient. 

“We are really excited at the opportunity to partner with top tier craft spirits distillery and local Chicago producer, Few Spirits,” stated Christopher Tepas, Founder of Drifter Grooming. “ We infuse Few’s whiskey and bourbon into our El Dorado Whiskey Soap and the result is simply an awesome product.  Whiskey, along with a carefully crafted fragrance blend creates a soap like you’ve never used before. Few Spirits is a company we’ve admired since we first began enjoying their product years ago and we are excited to have partnered with such an awesome company,” commented Tepas.

Few Spirits produces all of their artisan products out of their facility located in Evanston, IL. Few also boasts a cozy tasting room in their Evanston facility where you can sample all of their spirits as well as grab your own El Dorado Whiskey Soap. This collaboration is planned to go beyond the initial whiskey soap El Dorado, and create a series of products featuring Few’s artisan spirits.

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