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Gin + Tonic - The newest cocktail collaboration from Drifter Grooming and Few Spirits

Posted on April 30 2018

Drifter Grooming's long awaited shave bar, Gin + Tonic, is finally here! This delicious collaboration between Few Spirits and Drifter Grooming resulted in a shave bar that completes your prep for a night out by starting it off with one of our favorite combos and America's trendiest cocktail.... the Gin + Tonic! This creamy white shave bar is made with Few Spirits Breakfast Gin, actual spent botanicals from Few Spirits Breakfast Gin's distillation process, and a gin botanical tea. Invigorating your skin with the soothing blend of gin for cleansing; cardamum, tea leaves and juniper berries for antioxidants, and citrus for vitamin C - G+T is your newest apothecary superstar. The intoxicating scent reminds you of your favorite cocktail, highlighting the juniper and citrus notes of this crisp and sexy beverage we all love. 


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