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Say Hello To Liquid From Drifter Grooming!

Posted on September 27 2018


The creative minds behind Drifter Grooming are excited to launch our all new line of all natural, hand-made grooming products - Liquid. Liquid is the answer to all our our friends who were looking for an all-natural, handmade product with the same qualities and unique approach you've come to love from Drifter Grooming but in a liquid format. 

Drifter has already released Liquid Hand Soap, and we are thrilled to now launch our line of Liquid Shampoo, and coming next will be a line of Liquid Body Wash! 

Drifter's Liquid Hand Soap comes in 4 different aromatic options: Bourbon Hand Wash - Drifter's El Dorado Whiskey soap scent in a hand wash. An intoxicating blend of sandalwood, lemongrass, bergamot and fir. Gin + Tonic Hand Wash - Drifter's Gin + Tonic Shave Bar scent in a liquid hand wash. A creative cocktail of bergamot, lemon, orange and juniper berry smells like a gin and tonic in a bottle. Happy Hand Wash - This bright and uplifting scent is a combination of sweetgrass, cucumber, citrusy lemon, and soothing sandalwood. The scent is intoxicatingly optimistic! Sanctuary Hand Wash - Inspired by one of our favorite retreats, this sensual bend is a delicious combination of citrus, floral, and earthy notes that will make you smell amazing and your home feel like a sanctuary. This awesome fragrance blend contains: orange, lemon, eucalyptus, fir, lavender, rose, and geranium.

Drifter's Liquid Shampoo come in 2 different aromatic options: Gin + Tonic Liquid Shampoo - Gin + Tonic Shave Bar scent in a liquid shampoo. A creative cocktail of bergamot, lemon, orange and juniper berry smells like a gin and tonic in a bottle. Rock + Roll Rebel Liquid Shampoo - We take the base scent of our Rock + Roll revival body soap peppermint and lavender, and add hair loving essential oils like tea tree and lemon to kick it up a notch.

All of these products have been formulated with all natural ingredients and do not contain any chemicals, preservatives, parabens, sulfates or other nasty non-natural additives. These products are all vegan, handmade and never tested on animals.


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