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In light of the COVID-19 / Coronavirus, Drifter Grooming would like to remind everyone to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water. Drifter Grooming however does not guarantee to prevent the spread of the virus or from you getting infected. Our thoughts go out to those that have contracted the virus and best wishes for a swift recovery. Also due to supply and raw material issues, some pricing may fluctuate because of demand/shortages. 



Just launched in 2018, the Drifter Grooming Brand Ambassador - a.k.a. DRIFTR Program is looking for you. Being a DRIFTR is more than just adventure, travel, and the pursuit of happiness. It is about having a passion to "Live Life Clean", to explore, to share, to surround yourself with good vibes and just be your awesome self. We are building our inaugural DRIFTR Nation now and actively taking applications to join the crew. Interested in getting free badass grooming products while helping us spread the good vibes and most likely gaining celebrity status??! Check out the benefits below and apply today.


Discount Code | Your custom discount code will enable you to purchase anything available on our website at a 20% discount. This code will never expire as long as you remain in good status and are part of our  DRIFTR Nation

Friends/Family  Promo Code | You will receive a Friends/Family Promo code that you can share with friends, family, or acquaintances who are interested in purchasing Drifter products whereas they will receive a 10% discount for each purchase. This code, again will not expire as long youre one of the  DRIFTR Nation.

Commisions |  This is where your connections and word of mouth starts to pay off. Each time your Friends/Family Promo Code is used, you will receive a 10% commission on the products sold. For any items that are bought from our sale section you will still receive a piece of the pie, but it’ll be 5%. Commissions will be compiled monthly and paid via Paypal or Zelle.

Free Products |  Once you become a DRIFTR, we will send you a 'SwagBag' full of products to sample, share, photograph, share, shower with a friend… you get the picture. 

More Free Products |  In addition to our initial package, we will send you products periodically. Some of these products will include our Limited Release line, that is produced in micro-batches and may be one-and-done products that will enable you to be on the cusp of grooming greatness. 

Free Publicity | As one of our DRIFTRs you’ll have numerous opportunities to be featured in product demos, social campaigns, publications, and other promotion activities.

Ambassador Bio | As one of our DRIFTRs, you’ll have the ability to be featured on our site with personal links to your socials, website, etc.


What do DRIFTRs do? Besides being studly, as one of the DRIFTR Nation you'll help promote and share our unique brand! Your primary role is to represent the Drifter Grooming brand loud and proud. We ask for social sharing, tagging, content contributions and community engagement.

Product Use | As a DRIFTR, we not only expect you to be your badass self on a daily bases, we expect you to use Drifter Grooming products. You, of course, don’t have to use Drifter products exclusively, but we do want you as brand advocates sharing the word about your actual grooming experience.

Feedback | Being part of  DRIFTR Nation doesnt mean sitting in the corner with your mouth shut. On the contrary, DRIFTRs are expected to provide honest input and feedback on new products/designed prototypes. We also want to know what your friends/family think.

Promote | Being a DRIFTR will give you glory and fame right?! So, we want to have some of that too. You will be expected to promote our brand by sharing your promo codes to your network/friends/family/everyone you possibly can. You will also be expected to talk up our product, unique approach to grooming, and share our story in a positive light.

Photographs | Photos are important to us. What's even more important to us are cool photos of you doing things - Whether it's you in your extreme job, your adventures, traveling the globe, or grooming your giant beard... we want cool and original shots. We expect the photos to be in two forms from you - first we will review your social posts, and select photos that we would like to use in promotion, repost, etc. We will also periodically review posts and may ask for additional future post photos. Secondly, in addition to your photos, we will expect you to post photos of our products in your unique and creative ways. We will also request these photos be sent to us for future use. All rights are released to these photos, but credit will be given. 

Blog/Post/Write | As a DRIFTR, you’ll frequently post photos, articles, blog, or share publicly our products. As such photos are important, you will save the product box/packaging to include in these future photos/posts. With each new product you receive, you will do some sort of post and help us spread the word about our product.

Advocate For Living Life Clean | As one of the DRIFTR Nation, you feel passionately about living your life to its fullest, and cleanest. You have no problem getting dirty and playing in the mud, snow, sand, sea...whatever, but you love working up a lather as much as you do working up a sweat. You like sharing your world and make sure it is a a clean one, in other words your all about Living Life Clean!


Blog for us. You can become a contributor to our lifestyle articles/news section of our site. Write a 500 to 800 word post on your own adventures such as, traveling, outdoor living, hiking, camping, motorcycling, yoga, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, conscious fashion, health and tie in how a Drifter product was part of that adventure with you -or- a grooming related article that shares about our product and other related grooming facts. You will get a $10 store credit per approved blog post in addition to receiving writing credit. Email us at


Fill out the application form below -or- click on the THIS LINK. Don't forget to include links and tell us about your awesome self. 

What to Expect: Once you’ve completed the application and we’ve done our fair share of Instagram stalking, we’ll be in touch. So, in the meantime, go climb a mountain, ski off Everest, discover a shipwreck or bike around the world. Just, for the love of god, go have some freakin’ fun. Cheers!