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Define yourself. Be the god of your world. Own your decisions. Drive to be better. Take life and make it your bitch. Most of all, don’t be like anyone other than the coolest person you know…yourself. Drifter’s philosophy is to support you on this quest by doing our little slice - helping with your grooming needs to enable you to live life clean.

The tao of Drifter is all about living life to its fullest and seeking adventure wherever or whenever you can. We drive to hit the slopes, ride the trails, and camp under a million stars. This adventure mentality will result in dirt under your finger nails and pollen in your hair, but what’s sweeter than washing it all away with a product you know doesn’t head down the drain full of bizarre chemicals that you can’t even pronounce when you read their packaging?! Our way is all-natural, eco-friendly ingredients, kissing mother earths sweet ass, while making you shine like new, that’s how we live life clean.

WWJBD…aka What would James Bond do. Mantra to live by here at Drifter.  You want to look your best, smell like royalty spends money, and be the most distinguished and dapper gentleman in the room. We aren’t implying you have to wear some sort of old school monkey suit, just that you express yourself and turn some heads along the way. The tao of Drifter is that you get it and won’t compromise. We believe in taking care of ourselves and giving a shit about the food we eat and products that we put on our bodies just like James does. You do too, and just have to live life clean.  

An unstoppable force. When it comes to life, why let life live you when you can live it? That attitude is what makes you a juggernaut, you take life by the horns and never turn to look back. Each obstacle put forth is just another quest to beat the man, the system, the game. The tao of Drifter takes that same approach and spins it into amazing pieces of artwork taking your average grooming routine, and morphing it into a final four tourney game. You know your goals, you know your dreams, we strive for greatness together, and victory is such a sweet thing when you live life clean.

Boredom is the enemy. You vs the couch. You’re winning because that fire inside you burns hot. That eternal wanderlust is calling you to the shores, the cliffs, the edges of humanity, to do things that other people read stories about and don’t even have the balls to dream of doing, yet get out of the rat race and do. The drive sings to the tao of Drifter whereas we can’t sit still and watch events or pics on our little screens and think thats good enough. No f’n way, we are drifters, the wanderlust vibe fuels us, we have the world at our fingertips, and we will conquer that next quest. All of that is so much sweeter with a little tin of grooming goodness, so that at the end of each journey you hit the showers, and live life clean.

You are the rockstar of your incredible life. You don’t just sit back and let the flatscreen tell you what to do. No way. You are a rocktacluar addition to this planet. You may not hit every high note you go for, but that doesn’t bother you, because your a grooming rockstar. Your style speaks for itself. Just like when Lenny Kravitz walks in a room people notice, you feel the same way, and know you're damn fine. The tao of Drifter takes amazing things and turns them into products that enable a rocktacular existence. All that to help you kick the grooming misfits’ asses, and crowd surf yourself to living life clean.