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Thank you for visiting and wanting to learn more about DRIFTER!

Interested in stocking some of our products? You've come to the right place! At DRIFTER Grooming, everything we create is small batch, artisan and just, well, cool - so, we're not surprised to hear that you want in on some of our stuff too.

What Does Drifter Grooming Have To Offer
Drifter produces natural, good-for-you, handmade, small batch products. At this time, our offering includes soap, shampoo, beard wash, and shave products all in ‘bar' format. In addition, we also have a line of hop-infused beard oils.
Why DRIFTER Grooming Products Are Cool
DRIFTER Grooming's manufacturing philosophy is a welcome unique spin on typical ‘big box grooming’ and ‘chemical laden’ apothecary. Our practices refine the classic apothecary production process by infusing modern craft touches with a twist of focusing on upcycled ingredients. Our approach will surprise most from our popular whiskey soap, to beer shampoo in bar format and soon to launch gin + tonic shave bar made with gin and our coffee soap made from spent cold brew grounds. We believe our DRIFTER products would compliment many shops and online sites looking for unique grooming products that have just the right amount of edginess to them. Let’s talk and we can share more about our company and what we have in store to disrupt the typical grooming practices of the historically common apothecary industry!

How to See Our Grooming Products
From our main menu, select desired category; Body, Hair, Shave, or Beard to view the products and their details or click the links below. If you'd like us to email you info, please send us an email and we will get back to you.
How To Become A Drifter Grooming Stockist
To join the Drifter family and become one of our awesome stockists, contact us for information and wholesale pricing at

To have a better understanding of your store/e-commerce store simply email us information about your shop, please include:

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We're looking forward to hearing from you!