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Beer Lover's Kit

$70.00 $95.00

What this kit contains: one Cascade Beer Soap, one Prohibition Tee, one Porter Bottle Opener, and a set of Manhattan Concrete Coasters.

The scent concept behind Cascade is to take you back to your favorite campsite or outdoor memory. The deep woody combo of the fir and sandalwood blend into a crisp fresh scent that reminds you of grizzly country, while the cardamom brings an earthy spice to the bar that keeps you feeling grounded regardless of what wilderness you’re in. 

Our jersey t-shirts are constructed from top of the line cotton blend fabric that stands up to wear without sacrificing that soft lived-in touch that everyone loves. Every December 5, we raise our glasses to celebrate the end of Prohibition. That day in 1933 inspired our Prohibition t-shirt, so grab one of these babies, then hit your local craft brewery, distillery, or winery and spread the love.

The big brother to our Stout opener, the Porter is not only stronger, its larger too. Our blacksmith crafts these bad boys with a hand-forged process that results in unique attributes with each piece made. 

The Manhattan coasters are the ultimate drink holders for your bar, coffee table, or outdoor deck. These coasters are made out of a custom blend of concrete and recycled marble/granite dust that are sure to elevate any beverage you place on them.