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Ultimate Drifter Gift Set - Clean Shaven

$170.00 $229.00

This is the ULTIMATE gift pack for the clean shaven guy in your life a complete sample pack of all DRIFTER Grooming products! Choose between white concrete or black concrete soap dishes and shave bowl.

VANILLA LATTE: Vanilla Latte is a special collaboration soap between Big Shoulders Coffee and Drifter Grooming. Made with Big Shoulders coffee and spent coffee grounds from Big Shoulders Cold Brew Coffee, this caffeine soaked soap will perk up your skin and exfoliate it to a glowing perfection. Designed to wake up your skin and infuse it with an extra dose of vibrancy.

CASCADE: Cascade was inspired by the alpine lakes, waterfalls, and rugged forests of the Rocky Mountains. We chose a nice pale ale for the base of this bar, as it’s our favorite reward post-trail. Cascade transports you to your favorite back country site and awakens your senses with the subtle notes of exploring the wilderness around you. 

CITRA: This soap was born from our love of hopped up beers, which is why we chose to use a citrus hopped IPA as the base for this bar. Containing actual citrus hops and a blend of citrus essential oils, this soap is guaranteed to give you that pick me up in the morning and its perfect to help prep you for a brew night with your crew.

EL DORADO: When we think of El Dorado, we think of manly things like leather, muscle cars and of course...whiskey. So it's no wonder that this soap is made with an intoxicating blend of essential oils that makes you feel like you stepped back into the days when men were, well, men. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better then that, we took it a step further and used barrel aged whiskey in this soap instead of beer. Our inspiration has resulted in our manliest bar.

ROCK + ROLL REVIVAL: Rock + Roll Revival was born from our love of classic rock and roll music! After a long night of jamming out, theres no better way to revive than with this volcanic ash and charcoal cleansing bar. R+R is specially designed to refresh your skin and restore your energy levels, invigorating your soul to do it all over again like a true legend.

ZEUS:  Zeus was the king of the gods and it's also the king of our shampoos. Since we are all gods of our own worlds, we wanted to create a shampoo for you that would be worthy of your extreme awesomeness. This luxuriously powerful shampoo is created with heavenly ingredients worthy of a king. This shampoo is so incredible we have even stunned ourselves, and is, bar none, our best product available today. Get some and feel godlike.

SUMMIT:  Summit was created for those guys out there that never stop reaching for new goals. Are you one of those guys who get up each morning and see the challenges and ahead isn’t afraid to climb the mountain to success. This gorgeous pine green shampoo bar is made with pale ale, and packed with jojoba oil, black pepper, turmeric, and honey. This crazy unique blend is designed to wake you up and prep you to hit your goals for that day…especially if your goal is to have fabulous hair.

GIN + TONIC:  Your skin will drink in the freshness from our Gin + Tonic all-natural shave bar which was specifically designed to give you the ultimate glide and protection while soothing and calming your skin simultaneously. G+T bursts with a fresh crisp scent of citrus and juniper berries that will remind you of your favorite craft gin. Made with shea butter, colloidal oatmeal, and hops, this cocktail of a bar gets you ready for a night out while moisturizing your skin into soft, smooth, supple perfection. 

GLACIER:  Smooth as ice, this bar is the result of our obsession with snow, ice and adventure. Made with the perfect powder day in mind, Glacier is the ultimate shave bar giving you the moisture, slip and icy cool feel that you crave. It's challenging to find a shave bar in today's market, which is why we worked so hard to develop this amazing formula.

LARGE CONCRETE SOAP DISH:  With raised circles, your soap will sit up and receive good air flow allowing it to dry effectively while still looking pristine. This soap dish is hand poured from a custom blend of concrete and recycled marble/granite dust and sealed for durability. This soap tray has a rubber foot base to protect any surface you place it on.

SMALL CONCRETE SOAP DISH:  This distinguished soap dish rocks a modern, minimalist look with pristine functionality. Hand poured from a custom blend of concrete and recycled marble/granite dust, the Millennium is sealed for a long life of wear and tear. This dish was custom made to fit the Drifter soap and beard wash bars perfectly.

This shave bowl is hand poured from a custom blend of concrete and recycled marble/granite dust and burnished for durability. The Monolith was perfectly designed to fit the Drifter shave bars making storage clean and simple. 

Take your Drifter soaps with you with Compass. This round travel tin was designed to fit our Drifter shampoos and shave bars, so you don’t have to travel alone. 

With our Zephyr, you can feel the cool breeze of the way shaving is meant to be. Helping you employ the old fashion way of shaving, this is the ultimate tool to brush on your Drifter shave soap. This brush lathers your Drifter shaving soap brilliantly and is freaky gentle on the skin. This entry level brush is perfect for those looking to change things up from the mass marketed techniques. The Zephyr consists of a wood handle and faux badger hair bristles. 

The Axiom comb is an elegant reinterpretation of the most classic comb designs.  Sleek, with graceful lines, the Axiom will treat your hair with the utmost of respect! This lean machine is built to last a lifetime. The graphite black finish is made in the USA of high quality stainless steel and as strong as a diamond to resist scuffs and scratches.