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In light of the COVID-19 / Coronavirus, Drifter Grooming would like to remind everyone to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water. Drifter Grooming however does not guarantee to prevent the spread of the virus or from you getting infected. Our thoughts go out to those that have contracted the virus and best wishes for a swift recovery. Also due to supply and raw material issues, some pricing may fluctuate because of demand/shortages. 

Wholesale - Zephyr Shave Brush



The word Zephyr is derived from Zephuros, the Greek God of the wind. With our Zephyr, you can feel the cool breeze of the way shaving is meant to be. Helping you employ the old fashion way of shaving, this is the ultimate tool to brush on your Drifter shave soap. This brush lathers your Drifter shaving soap brilliantly and is freaky gentle on the skin. This entry level brush is perfect for those looking to change things up from the mass marketed techniques. The Zephyr consists of a wood handle and faux badger hair bristles. 
SIZE: Brush handle diameter 1 inch with a height measuring  4.5 inches.